Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Photos

Ian and Lynn came to visit this past weekend, so we took some family photo's with Andrew's new camera, so we also had to take some photo's much to everyones disgust .... but how lovely they came out ... so thrilled - Jess, Andrew will become the photographer you are ..... just look at these!

Chantal and Nelson
The kids with Nanna ...
Mother and daughter ...
last but not least .... the du Toit's


Midmar Triathlon

Natasha coming out of the Midmar Dam after the swim ...
The cycling, moving up to 2nd lady .....
Bianca and I having a chat while waiting ...
Tracy, myself and Bianca waiting ....
The finish line
Finishing 2nd lady ..... 1st in her age group ...... really good for a amateur .... beating some pro's .... and this achieved in some blistering heat ... man it was hot!
Getting the prizes and a posibility at SA's.
What an awesome day we had.

Dads 80th Birthday

An 80th Birthday Celebration!

Mom and Dad

On the 1st March Dad celebrated his 80th Birthday.
A milestone that could not go without some form of celebration.
So here are some of the photo's.

Lorraine playing the Clavinova for us (electronic piano)
Chantal also played her flute, but I am battling to download that photo.
A very enjoyable afternoon was had by all.

25th Anniversary Celebrations!